Tuesday, July 6, 2010

On The Move...

Emery has moved a little slower then Riley did. Riley was walking by the age that Emery is now - just over 9 months. And Emery just crawled for the first time tonight! She has been getting around - scooting, rolling, pulling... But she has wanted to crawl for weeks! Emery is so sweet and laid back, but has begun to become dis-content with sitting on the ground and playing. I've been hoping she would crawl for weeks now, and now that she is... Well, I miss my little baby! :)

It has been a little while - I know, much less time then most experience - and we have forgotten what it is like to have a crawler! Riley was eating her snack of cheese puffs on the floor tonight when Blake and I heard these horrendous screams. Found that Emery had crawled across our family room floor and was shoving her sisters snack in her mouth! :) She had only begun crawling about 30 minutes before! Riley was very upset and we had to replace the stolen cheese puffs with new ones! :)

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