Friday, January 14, 2011

It's My Party And I'll Climb If I Want To

Happy Birthday to You!
Toy Story fruit snacks, chips, cookie sandwiches, water, juice boxes, treat bags
(basically more candy to hipe them up for their parents even more then they already are!)
Happy Birthday to You!
Will and Emma looking for friends

Will and Emma
Destined to be together from before either were born!
They really don't have a choice. :)
Yes, all of those kids only belong to 2 families! :)
Happy Birthday Dear Will!
Cookie Doozies
Not a fan of cake, we had to get creative for the boy!

Happy Birthday to You!

Will has been blessed with precious friends that love him much...
"You know Papa loves you if he will kiss me with cookie and icing on my face!"


Leah said...

We love you, Will Ring! Thanks for inviting us to your party!

Also...who makes that lipstick? I am always in the market for something better than what I have! HA!

The Petersen Family said...

So fun! Love the pictures!
Thanks for inviting us to party with you guys :)

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