Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ta Da!

This past Friday we were out running errands and headed home for nap time when Blake suggested we pull into Lowes... We decided last minute to paint the bathroom that evening! It only took a few hours to totally change the entire room! I taped and cut-in and Blake kindly rolled it out to save my back...

The pictures don't do the best job of giving you a clear idea of the actual color, but you work with what you got! :) (A new camera is on the list To Do List for 2011 - Don't worry Marshmans! I'd like a Cannon! :) )

Oh - And I can't take credit for discovering this perfect blend of gray and blue. I had purchased several sample colors and had blocks of them on my bathroom wall, but none of them was just right. I walked into a friend's house recently and there is was! It was in their dining room. It was in their family room. It was in their bathroom! Who wouldn't use this all over? I demanded she give me the name and so here you have it! :)

Paint Color: Bay Waves by Valspar

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