Friday, May 13, 2011

Andy Gullahorn

We were invited to a sort of intimate graduation/birthday party last night. I could go on and on about how proud we are of our friend’s graduation from medical school… How much I love his wife. But I will be honest, I spent the evening having to reign Blake in – He was totally star-struck! Ok. I was pretty insanely happy about the entertainment for the night as well… Andy Gullahorn!

Blake and I attended a Behold The Lamb concert in Nashville, TN a few years ago… Some of our favorites were performing: Andrew Peterson, Sarah Groves, Bebo Norman. And there were a few names we didn’t recognize at the time… One of those names was Andy Gullahorn. Before he finished his first song we were fans! We went home and downloaded everything we could on I-Tunes and have been listening to Andy ever since!

Our friend’s are also huge fans of Andy… Bigger then Blake and I. Apparantly, they have sort of stalked his concerts :) for several years to the point that Andy now recognizes them and knows them by name. He kindly obliged to sing at the party for his #1 fan. Those of us that knew of Andy Gullahorn begged for an invitation and those there that didn’t know of him, left fans!

He is down-to-earth. He is approachable. He is kind and chit-chatted with Blake and I several times last night. Andy Gullahorn's lyrics are silly and easy listening one song, and deep and thought provoking the next. Ok. Enough. Just go and buy his music. Please.

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