Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Work In Progress - The Basement

Keep in mind that I still have a list a mile long of things I'd like to do to finish up this space. We need a few new pieces of furniture. There are a few blank walls. More toys fill the room then I would prefer, but man do those toys keep my children entertained. :) Just thought we would share where the removal of the wall left us...  

This cubbie has been updated slowly, but is finally complete. A perfect place to drop their shoes and bags when coming in from the car.

The original paneling and chipped walls left it looking dingy and dirty - Painting the basement lightened it up!

Ottomans with storage were a must! Our 3 kids are obsessed with blankets and these offered a clever hiding spot!

Yes. Yes, that is Law and Order SVU. And yes I have watched every single episode. And still watch reruns religiously. Please don't look too closely at the bookshelf. It needs some major staging!

Now the half wall has been removed the basement seems so much lighter and airier. There was great light in the back, but was blocked/cut off. The room feels pretty bright for a basement. 

You can see a slight variation in the carpet. Honestly, it is hardly noticable unless you are studying the floor. Mom and I went to a carpet store and bought a 2x3 size sample for $1 that mom pieced into the space. Of course, new carpet is on our to-do list, but I don't mind waiting for a few years until the kiddos are beyond the "drawing on the carpet and walls with a sharpie marker" phase.

Our kiddos LOVE these chairs. They help to keep the peace when watching movies or having quiet, reading time. Man, are they bulky! It was helpful to get to spread them out a bit.

Like I said - There is still ALOT to be done in the next few years to get this space exactly where I want it, but it is most definitely on its way!

*The toys that clutter the room? Well, they are a precious reminder of the blessings the Lord has given me. I know that one day I will miss those toys... So I'll be grateful for them today!

Room Specks
Wall Mirrors: All 4 are from Home Goods
Ottomans: Target
Stuffed Children's Chairs: Pottery Barn Kids - Anywhere Chairs
Children's Table: Ikea Kritter Table


The Murphys said...

I love the PB chairs! I've been debating buying one for Corbin for years.

Leah said...

Looks so great!!! I can't believe how much bigger it looks just by taking that 1/2 wall out! Crazy!

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