Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2 1/2 years old

May 2012
Gotta love the banana Laffy Taffy she had been letting hang around in her mouth for about 30 minutes :)

This sweet girl is growing up insanely fast! Poor Emery is devastated every week when her brother and sister get to play baseball and she doesn't. She no longer understands the luxury of having a room to herself. Her dinner prayers now consist of logical thoughts and understandable words(well, most of the time). She easily expresses her wants and desires. Emery's play time consists of filling a purse with as much junk as she can stuff in it and carrying around naked baby dolls(like mother, like daughter). I seldom hear "Hold me" anymore, which is so sad and a bit of a relief since I can hardly hold her for more then a minute or so at a time right now. She needs a hug and a kiss before bedtime from both mommy and daddy or we hear her yelling for us over the monitor. While she asks because she is old enough to understand that it delays bedtime, her request to be rocked is fulfilled almost every single night. Only a few more weeks and she moves out of the nursery so I am soaking up those few minutes. 

My favorite thing about this spunky daughter of mine? Her heart. Even in the midst of "terrible two's" Emery is so quick to apologize. The discipline is barely finished and she is hugging me and saying, "I so sorry momma" over and over. I love this sweet daughter of mine and feel so very blessed to spend time with her every day!

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