Tuesday, June 26, 2012

22 weeks

I hit 22 weeks on Friday! The day before we had a major ultrasound and doctor's visit. The girls look great! They are about a pound each and growing at a very similar pace, which made our ultrasound tech very happy. Major organs were good. No dilation. We are so thankful for the continued good health of Hadley and Ainsley.

From the ultrasound we went in to "chat" with my doctor. When she asked how I was feeling, I responded truthfully, "It's getting rough." "Yeah, I saw you standing in the hallway a few minutes ago and would have guessed you were full term if I didn't know any better." Thanks Dr. Thomas. :) I knew what she meant, though. She went on to tell Blake and I that this was going to be a very difficult few months physically. She is concerned about my pre-term labor with Emery, the issues I have already experienced this time around, and the ongoing blood issues... "I'm happy for today" is how she ended that speech(she doesn't really beat around the bush). :)

Blake and I will go for an extensive ultrasound/growth scan next week at the office of a high risk obgyn. Dr. Thomas wants them to have a reference point/chart so she can consult with the doctor later and said they might even want to go ahead and make appointments to follow along as the pregnancy progresses. I love my doctor and hope that we are able to remain with her through the end!

About 5 weeks ago I started braxton hick contractions. I honestly didn't think anything of them. 2 weeks in I began to notice that several times that week I could time them and as a precaution called my doctor to ask about them. We ended up in labor and deliver to be monitored(even though I wasn't having any at the time). My sweet doctor was on call and the oral medication she sent us home with has taken care of the bouts of contractions I have a few times a week. She said that with this pregnancy a contraction is a contraction.  I've slowed down alot in the past 2 weeks. I seldom go anywhere where I can't sit(mall, grocery). Even when home, I am sitting mainly. Standing is more comfortable for breathing ;), but more painful in every other sense(back, stomach).... 

The Lord has been so good to us! The babies are progressing well. I am still up and about(sort of). :) My parents and husband have been taking wonderful care of us... House is clean, laundry is folded. And I am far more calm then I suspected I would be at this point. :) Can't wait to meet these girls!

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