Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Change Is Gonna Come

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to homeschool my children. I have wonderful, fond memories of my time being homeschooled and I just always thought - What could be better? It was a big conversation - or 5 - between Blake and I when we were dating because he has great memories of growing up in the public school system. When pre-school age rolled around for Will, though, homeschooling seemed to fit our family well. 

And then I got pregnant with the twins. Twins change your life in a way you can never prepare yourself for. Will began kindergarten about 2 months before they were born and my mom offered to school him because my life was about to be consumed with nursing and burping. What we didn't know is that it was also going to be consumed with colic and allergies and pumping and supplementing and reflux... and literally NO SLEEP! Will would have learned nothing that first year without my mom. 

Our second year of homeschooling upped from one child to two. Will in 1st and Riley in Kindergarten. The twins were not even 1 our first day of school. Blake came home from work that evening and I knew I had to say it - "I don't think homeschooling is good for our family right now..." We survived the second year with, once again, my mother's constant help. 

As He always is, The Lord was so good to us during that year. Will and Riley actually learned and Blake and I became more confident in the Lord's leading... What really, just, blessed our hearts was my homeschooling parents complete support and encouragement. 

The choice of school was fairly easy and we quickly settled on a smallish Christian school. The rest is history! Will and Riley have just thrived! Their teachers are such a blessing and we can easily be involved with their classes... 

I don't know that we won't go back to homeschooling again one day. I am confident that we are doing exactly what The Lord has for our family at this time. And in that there is such peace... 

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