Friday, December 5, 2014

Our Advent List For 2014

This is only our second year of doing a month of Advent activities, but I feel that it is going much more smoothly then last year! We learned a lot... Like to plan our activities around our calendar! Always do EASY things, such as candy, on Sunday's. And write in pencil for easy edits! :)

Here is our list for a little inspiration :

1. Decorate tree
2. Set up and start advent candles
3. Walk through lights at Brown Park
4. Make jingle bell necklaces (we used a $1 kit from Target)
5. Christmas Pizza (simply shape pizza dough into candy canes and trees)
6. Paint nutcrackers (set of 5 for $5 at Hobby Lobby)
7. Christmas candy
8. Bekalu Night (shopping for our Eyes That See sponsor child)
9. Mega Cavern Light(we scored a groupon and a discount code making it CHEAP!)
10. Photos with Santa (we don't do Santa, but the kids LOVE getting their picture made with him)
11. Give the book "Santa Is Coming To Kentucky" - It is truly adorable!
12. Make Christmas cards with finger prints
13. Bake/Ice Christmas cookies
14. Christmas candy
15. Make s'mores over our fireplace
16. Christmas Movie/Popcorn/Hot Cocoa ( we buy 1 every year to build our collection)
17. Paint Ornaments (bought on clearance last year)
18. Out for dessert following their school Christmas music program
19. Donate change at Salvation Army
20. Christmas Plaques (bought on clearance last year)
21. Christmas candy
22. Drive and look at Christmas lights
23. Ice cream trip
24. Bake a Happy Birthday Jesus cake for Christmas Day

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