Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Truly "Scary" Night

With 5 children so small and close in age, I find that days and weeks tend to blend together. It is sometimes hard to remember particular memories clearly... This is not one of those nights. We went to the zoo in early October 2014 for Boo At The Zoo and it was one of those nights that was full of wonderful memories... The weather was perfect. Cool, but not cold. It was sunny. No traffic getting into the parking lot. My Mom, Paul(brother), and Laura(sister in law) all came to help us keep track of everyone. There were no melt-downs(unusual with 2 two year olds). Hadley led our group from candy station to candy station like a pro. A trip to Comfy Cow for ice-cream afterwards. After getting everyone in bed that night, Blake and I sat down and were able to look through these pictures and have distinct memories about all of them! Such a gift during such a busy period of life...


Emery, Will, Riley

The Gang

The crew with Mimi, Uncle Paul, and Aunt Laura

Ainsley and Aunt Laura


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