Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Favorites - For The Moment

I was looking back at My Favorites post from January... How quickly things can change.

This song by J. J. Heller has been the background music for me while I read, cook, clean...
Have a listen...

I have been a foundation-a-holic. Is that a word?
I have tried every drug store brand under the sun.
I have tried Estee Lauder, Clinique, Lancome...
Bare Minerals...
And then there was MAC.
I haven't worn anything but their Studio Fix powder plus foundation in years.

Ok, I am not a sushi pro.
I don't even enjoy uncooked sushi.
But I love almost anything you can buy that is cooked and wrapped! :)
I'm slightly obsessed with Shogun's Derby Roll.

I have read this book 10 times in the past 5 years.
I pulled it off the shelf as reading material during my bath 2 nights ago.
I have now read this book 11 times.

I don't have an excuse. I need to cut back.
I can't.
I've tried.
I am convinced if I had to live without food I could survive just fine off of Dr. Pepper.
I'd be perfectly happy.

Clinique was the first nice brand of facial care products my mother ever bought for me.
I have used it on and off for years.
Everytime I go back to this soap, I say I will never use anything else.
I got lazy about heading to Macy's and tried something else for a few months...
and now I am back.
I promise its for good this time.

I love trying new restraurants.
I love new food.
This show is one of my favorites right now.
Who better to tell you what and where to eat then celebrity chefs?!?!

I came across Jones Design Company while blog hopping a few months ago.
I have since become obsessed with this crafty, cooking graphic designer.
This print, in particular, is simply calling my name!
What a beautiful, simple reminder...

Me. At our rehearsal dinner.
June 10, 2005.
That look on my face?
My all-time favorite feeling...
For my all-time favorite person.
I can't help but smile the entire time I am listening to this song... It's my favorite love song for the moment...

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