Monday, July 4, 2011

The Powder Room - Finished

Our first floor powder room has been a work in progress. It was one of my least favorite rooms when we moved into our homse and is now, perhaps, my favorite! If you need a reminder of the process you can read this post about how I painted the cabinet, or this post about choosing the mirror, or this post about painting the walls the perfect blue.

After months of searching for just the right accessories and wall hangings, I was stumped. Couldn't find just the right thing. So after seeing stenciling on several popular blogs mom and I decided to give it a go.

 We painted our first stencil right behind where the mirror hangs. :)
 We chose to use a random pattern.
 WThe stencil needs to be cleaned between every application. Make sure to wipe all the excess off of the back so not to transfer the bleed through.
We were able to roll out 3 stencils off of 1 wet roller. You have to be careful to not make the foam too wet or you will bleed through the stencil. All. Over. The. Place. :)

I love the results!

Where Did The Stencil Come From? Royal Design Studio
*Got 10% off using coupon code YHL10 from Young House Love*
How Much Did It Cost? It cost about $20 for the stencil and about $20 for the other supplies.
What Supplies Were Necessary? The stencil, foam rollers, qt of paint(your choice-I used Valspar White Satin), Paint tape

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Anonymous said...

I love it! How cute! I may end up stealing the idea if you don't mind.

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